1. Voxin + Vocalizer Embedded
2. Voxin + IBM TTS

1. Voxin + Vocalizer Embedded

Here are the known current limits of the integration of Vocalizer Embedded in Voxin.
These limits whould be removed in the forthcoming updates.

- only for x86_64 architecture (not yet x86, arm),
- compatible with Speech-Dispatcher (version > 0.7),
- not yet compatible with Emacspeak,
- compatible with a previous installation of voxin (version >= 2.0),
- only for UTF-8 texts,
- no support yet for dictionaries nor annotations,
- limited set of parameters (language, speed, volume, pitch),
- cannot automatically switch from one language to another one.

2. Voxin + IBM TTS

Known current limits of the integration of IBM TTS in Voxin.

* 32 bits / 64 bits architecture
The voice synthesis is a 32 bits library. 
An automatic installation for 64 bits distributions is available.

* Known issues
Some words can crash the voice synthesis. The known words are:
- US English package: "c a e s u r e",
- German package: "d a g e - g e n" or "d a n e - b e n".

* The voice synthesis depends on an obsolete external library 
An old libstdc++ library is included in voxin.