Voxin End-User Agreement
8 May 2007, Oralux.org association

This End-User Agreement is entered into between the Oralux.org Association and the User of Voxin (you). 

Oralux.org distributes Voxin, an easily installable add-on which provides the IBM TTS to blind users of GNU/Linux. 

The End-User must accept this agreement before the installation of Voxin and its TTS.

Voxin is composed of:

* an installer under LGPL license,
* pre-compiled speech drivers or scripts under LGPL license,
* the IBM Viavoice TTS (only one language).

1. IBM Viavoice TTS

The IBM Viavoice TTS will be installed by Voxin for your own use.
Under this Agreement, you are specifically authorized to: 

* only make one copy of the IBM TTS software, 
* use the IBM TTS in conjunction with the speech drivers for blind users mentioned in Voxin,
* use the IBM TTS on a client system, by one user, 
* the synthesized speech is only for the user's personal use and may not be modified, copied or distributed in any way. 

The TTS code is owned by IBM Corp. .

For more details, please read the IBM license.

Note please that our association can distribute Voxin worldwide
except to the following countries where IBM has exclusive dealing
arrangements: Abu Dhabi, Algeria, Bahrain, Belize, Costa Rica,
Dominican Republic, Dubai, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras,
Kuwait, Nicaragua, Oman, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and

2. Speech drivers or scripts

The LGPL speech drivers will be installed by Voxin on your system. 
For more details, please read the LGPL license.