27 August 2023: suspension of the sale of Voxin + IBM TTS

Voxin + IBM TTS is removed from the purchasing possibilities, because of the very low number of runtimes that we have left.

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Voxin 3.3rc6 embeds one of the 400 voices of Vocalizer Embedded or IBM TTS for several GNU/Linux distributions.

The objective is to have more TTS choices for Orca, Emacspeak and possibly the console based screen readers on various architectures.

Expected schedule
After the third trimester of 2022: new user dictionary (regex based), annotations, compatibility with Emacspeak


Voxin is an easily installable add-on which provides text-to-speech to blind users of GNU/Linux.

From version 2.0, Voxin is compatible with much more distributions (and their family: derivatives, parent distro).

The included speech dispatcher modules work with speech-dispatcher version >= 0.7.1 .

The last tested distributions are displayed below. Much more should be compatible.

Voxin 3.3rc6 is compatible with Emacspeak (IBM TTS), Fenrir, Orca/Speech-Dispatcher, SBL.

The installation of Emacspeak and Voxin (Viavoice Outloud) is facilitated by the emacspeak voxin installer compatible Emacspeak 53.0 and more recent versions.

Voxin includes only one language. For installing two languages, you may want to purchase two Voxin packages.

Get Voxin

Oralux.org, not-for-profit association, sells Voxin on-line at low cost (no financial benefit).

The customer will have to accept the licenses: for example, the voice synthesizer must be used with the software components expected by Voxin, on the user's computer and for her own use.

Visit please this page for getting Voxin .


Note: if you prefer a graphical install, please send a mail to contact at oralux.org to get the beta release of the graphical installer (for Debian based distro)

Voxin can be installed in a shell terminal either system-wide as superuser or locally as regular user.

In a shell terminal, first uncompress the archive, for example:

tar -xf voxin-enu-3.3rc6.tgz

cd voxin-3.3rc6

cd voxin-enu-3.3rc6

Then install it system-wide or locally/p>

System-wide as superuser

sudo --login $PWD/voxin-installer.sh


su --login -c $PWD/voxin-installer.sh

Local install as regular user



Voxin is updated regularly.

Your initial download link points on the last release of Voxin.

If you have Vocalizer Embedded and IBM TTS voices, just use one of your Vocalizer Embedded links to update Voxin.

To be informed, please subscribe to the Voxin RSS feed or visit the update page.